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Ambassador Club
Sponsor: Marc Wolfe
Meeting Dates/Times: Varies 
This club is a group of selected students nominated by West Chicago Community High School staff members who function as Ambassadors at school events that involved the community, parents, students, visitors, and dignitaries.  They provide services for open house, parent-teacher conferences, the first day of school, and other events throughout the school year.
Art Club 
Sponsors: Megan Dulkinys and Dave Exner
Meeting Dates and Times: Tuesdays 3:15-4:30 in Room 193 
Do you need an opportunity to express yourself?  Do you want to paint banners?  Do you want to try “mini” Art Lessons?  Do you want to visit an Art Gallery or Museum?  Do you like watching great, creative movies? Then come to an Art Club meeting and check us out!
Bass Fishing Club
Sponsor:  TBA
Meeting Dates/Times:  Wednesday evenings in Room 197
The Bass Fishing Club meets monthly to discuss fishing strategies and learn about outdoor activities.  They compete in fishing tournaments in the fall and spring, the IHSA state series each April, and the Upstate 8 Conference tournament each May.
Book Club
Sponsor:  Donna Leahy
Meeting Dates/Times: 2nd Friday of each month at 7:15 am in the LRC
Students interested in sharing thoughts on books and other works of literature are invited to join in the discussion in a fun relaxing environment. 
Chess Team
Sponsor: Joe Splinter
Meeting Dates/Times:  Practices on Tuesdays, 5-7 pm in the LRC September-February; Competitive matches on Tuesday and Saturdays 
The Chess Team competes in individual meets, tournaments, and the Upstate 8 Conference.  They also compete in the Illinois High School Association State Chess tournament held each year in Peoria, IL. 
Sponsor: Brandon Fantozzi
Meeting Dates/Times:  Daily as a class.  Choir is an Academic Course and an Activity 
There are four different Choir Ensembles to be a part of.  We rehearse and perform from a comprehensive and varied list of music performed at four concerts throughout the school year.  In addition to our concerts we have various activities that we participate in throughout the year; including school wide events, Music Department activities, performances in and around the community and Performance Trips/Tours.    
Club Green 
Sponsors:   Suzanne Burchacki and Brianne Ferreiro
Meeting Dates/Times:  2nd/3rd Tuesday each month at 3:10 in Room 244
Club Green is designed to promote awareness concerning environmental issues. The club is involved in creating recycling programs for the school, community service projects such as cleaning the prairie path, raising money for various charities and encouraging students and teachers to go green.  

Sponsor: Anne Marie Salazar
Meeting Dates/Times:  Tuesdays at 3:05 
Compass is a student-led club in which we discuss faith, the Bible, and God. We have games, devotionals, guest speakers, and special events such as movie nights, service projects, and social gatherings. Compass is open to everyone, no matter what you believe, and is a safe place for students to ask difficult questions, have fun together, and get to know other students here at WeGo. Meetings are every Tuesday after school in room 301. We hope you will join us! 
Creative Writing Club, The Ink
Sponsors: Tara DeLeon and Amanda Cordes
Meeting Dates/Times:  Wednesdays after school in room 309 
The Creative Writing Club can be the home for all different kinds of students at WeGo.  We write, perform, read at Open Mic nights, and even participate in workshops at colleges around the state of Illinois.  Our mission is to empower students as poets and encourage everyone that he or she is a writer.  We host the monthly Open Mic night called Cafe Express YoSelf and host a big production at the end of every year called Show Me Watchu Got. We host poets from Chicago and take field trips too!
Dance Production
Sponsor: Julie Wyller
Meeting Dates/Times:  Students are enrolled in Dance Production as a PE Course during 1st semester, rehearsals occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:15-5:00 pm in the Dance Studio
This class is an audition physical education class first semester and produces a dance concert in January  Rehearsal times begin in mid October and run through January. 
Film Club
Sponsor:  Mark Begovich
Meeting Dates:  Periodically attending Films and Film Festivals
The Motto Is: “THE FIRST RULE OF FILM CLUB—IS THAT YOU TALK ABOUT FILM CLUB!”  The idea for the Film Club came from  students wanting to get together and see good films and having a group to discuss the making, understanding, and appreciation of movies.  The club is fluid - meaning people come to the discussions that they can attend - and have a great time learning and talking about movies.  You won’t look at movies the same way and you will love films even more!  Information is always outside Room 217 or at 
Flag Corps/Color Guard
Sponsor: Stephanie Kuecker
Meeting Dates/Time: Tryouts are conducted each May; Practices occur Fall-Winter after school
Tryouts for the flag line are in May of the previous year. Students who try out will be using flags, poles, and other pieces of equipment.  They will march and dance as part of the high school band. Students who are selected to be part of the group will perform at every home football game, parades, and various concert venues during the months of August, September, and October, plus any post-season football games. Their last performance is the Marching Showcase at the end of October. If the marching band goes on a trip in winter, spring, or summer, the flag corps will be expected to perform. 
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) 
Sponsors:  Donna Durbin and Mia Wirth
Meeting Dates/Times: Thursdays at 7:30 am in Room 226
FBLA is designed to promote competent business leadership and increase career awareness. The chapter is involved in the school and community through activities such as the chamber breakfast speaker, youth-in-industry day, and the variety show. FBLA members participate in competitive events at the area, state, and national levels. Events range from business content and computer skills to speaking, presenting, and interviewing. Freshman through seniors are eligible to compete.  Follow @wegofbla on Twitter for regular updates!
Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) 
Sponsors: Gwen Geiger and Brad Larson
Meeting Dates/Times: Mondays after school in Room 320 
The focus of GSA is to provide a safe and welcome activity for any students at West Chicago Community High School.  Our activities are a blend of service to the high school and community, and fun for our members.  Past activities have included guest speakers from area colleges, field trips to see prominent speakers, scavenger hunts, and movie days just to name a few.  We are active in raising awareness at the high school about harassment and bullying.
Habitat for Humanity
Sponsor:  TBA
Meeting Dates/Times: Held monthly throughout the year
Habitat for Humanity is a community service club that is committed to working with individuals of need in order to find them affordable housing. This club engages in several fundraisers throughout the school year in order to make financial donation to our locale DuPage Habitat affiliate as well as Habitat International. In addition to fundraising, we spend a significant amount of time working with professional contractors on local housing projects. Meetings will be held monthly throughout the school year. 
Horticulture Club
Sponsor: Corrie Steiglitz
Meeting Dates/Times:  First Thursday of every month; every Thursday during planting season
Horticulture club is designed for students interested in learning how to make various floral arrangements for different occasions and offers all students promotional items, such as: homecoming court silk flowers, mistletoe-grams at Christmas, orchids for Mother's Day, plant sale in the spring, and many horticulture field trips.
International Club
Sponsors:  Sarah Gill
Meeting Dates/Times:  Tuesday mornings before school in Room 303
The International Club is an organization made up of students who are interested in conversing with students from different cultural backgrounds.  The purpose of International Club is to learn about cultures through exposure to art, enjoying ethnic food and experiencing different ways of life. Within our own community as well as the surrounding areas there are many opportunities to investigate different ethnic groups. Through these experiences we educate ourselves about the diverse world around us. Activities of the club include: Potluck dinner, German Christmas Market, cultural festivals, foreign films and much more!! 
Sponsor: Gavin Engel
Meeting Dates/Time: 2nd Wednesday of every month; 7:30 am in Auditorium 
InterAct Club is primarily a community service organization, linked to the community in various ways, including our partnership with our local Rotary Club, a service club for adult citizens. InterAct sponsors service projects for its members and attempts to motivate and involve the general school population in projects, which are designed to benefit others. These include the annual blood drive, the Humanitarian Service Project, Prairie Path Clean Up, and others. InterAct also sponsors fundraising projects and donates the money to needy charities. 
Jazz Band 
Sponsor:  Steve Govertsen
Meeting Dates/Times: Weekly after school from October-May
Jazz Band is open to all students who play an instrument that is part of traditional big band instrumentation (saxophone, trombone, trumpet, guitar, bass, piano, drums). Selection for jazz band is based on an audition held in late September.  The group meets twice a week after school hours from October through May and performs various concerts at the high school and also at local festivals.
Sponsors: Nancy Blume and Donna Durbin
Meeting Dates/Times: After School, November-April in Room 209 
West Chicago Community High School Business Education students have a rich history competing in LifeSmarts. LifeSmarts is a program of the National Consumers League that provides a competitive environment to test students knowledge in the field of Consumer Education. Students are tested in five main areas:  consumer rights and responsibilities, the environment, health and safety, personal finance, and technology. Each March our school hosts the Illinois State LifeSmarts competition.  Winning the state tournament allows teams to compete at the national level. In recent years, our students have traveled to Anaheim, CA, Philadelphia, PA, Atlanta, GA, Disney World, and Seattle, WA representing Illinois at the national level.   
Math Team
Sponsor:  Charles Vokes
Meeting Dates/Times: October-February in Room 150
The Math Team is comprised of a group of students that enjoy exploring the wonders of mathematics.  They compete in competitions throughout the year including a Conference and Regional Tournament.  If you qualify for state, you can even go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to compete in the State Tournament!
Marching Band
Sponsor: Steve Govertsen
Meeting Dates/Times:  Daily in class. Practice evenings during the football season 
Club members perform at home football games, in local parades, and at various other community events. 
National Honor Society
Sponsor:  Nick Caltagirone
Meeting Dates/Times: Wednesday's during 0 hour; induction occurs each October for eligible Juniors and Seniors
The National Honor Society is an organization that honors high school students for their academic excellence, character, and service to the school. Students are inducted into the National Honor Society in the Fall and are recognized at Honors Night and Graduation.
Sponsor:  Laura Kuehn
Meeting Dates/Time:  Students must enroll in

Journalism, which is open to all levels of high school students. After successfully completing this one semester long class, students can enroll in Journalism Production, which is the class that publishes the Wildcat Chronicle. Students may 

enroll in Journalism Production multiple times. Many students enroll in Journalism freshman year and stay with the program for four years. Seniors may take Journalism for an English credit.


The Wildcat Chronicle is the award-winning student voice of the high school. Student reporters, editors and photographers fan out across the campus and community to report and write news, features, sports, reviews, and editorials so the student body is well-informed about events within the school and community. Responsible journalism is practiced at all levels. Students also raise funds in order to attend conferences and competitions, several of which require travel out of state. 
OLA'AS (Organization of Latin American and Asian Students)
Sponsors:  Mark Poulterer
Meeting Dates/Times: Monthly in room 130; field trips taken each month
OLA'AS  offers a network of friendship for students of Latin American and Asian heritage.  We also welcome any students who would like to get to know Latin American and Asian teens and better understand their unique cultural perspective!  Activities of the club include field trips (Millennium Park, The Art Institute, the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo), sledding, ice skating, volunteer service, and marching in the West Chicago Mexican Independence Day Parade.  Check out our web site,, for updated information.
Sponsor:  Alexandra Wojciechowski
Meeting Dates: Students are enrolled in Orchestra as part of their daily class schedule
Check out our web site,, for updated information.
Pep Club
Sponsors: Dave Jennings and Mitch McKenna
Meeting Dates: Throughout the school year 
Pep Club's main goal is to promote and increase school spirit. To accomplish this goal, Pep Club plans assemblies throughout the year to introduce and support school activities and programs (such as Homecoming and Powder Puff), and coordinates spirit activities with Student Council. One of the major activities of Pep Club is to organize and promote Homecoming activities during Homecoming Week. 
Photo Club
Sponsor:  Dave Jennings
Meeting Dates/Times:  Every other Monday after school in Room 307
Photo Club meets twice a month to plan, look at, learn about, talk about, make, and share black and white photos. If you have a manual SLR of your own, great! But any kind of camera will do, even digital. Besides shooting, developing, and printing pictures, past activities have included fund raisers like Fun Fest, Frosty Fest, and the Art Show and Auction; and amazingly cool trips to downtown Chicago's Art Institute Museum, Columbia College, and Pilsen Arts District. Students can join Photo Club at any meeting, but are encouraged to make it to our first meeting to see what develops!  Follow @WeGoPhotoClub on Twitter for regular updates!
Scholastic Bowl
Sponsor: Nick Caltagirone 
Meeting Dates/Times:  Season runs from October-March
Scholastic Bowl is an academic competition between teams on both varsity and junior varsity levels from different schools. Although all members will have a chance to compete during meets, only five members of each team are allowed to answer questions at a given time. The questions range from math, science, literature, history, and geography to recent events, religion, and technology. Both varsity and junior varsity participate in a tournaments throughout the season and varsity competes in the Upstate 8 Conference and the IHSA Regionals.
Skills USA (Career and Technical Education)
Sponsors:  Brittney Bauer and Patti Kozlowski
Meeting Dates/Times:  1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:15 am in Room 106 
Any student interested in a skill-oriented class is eligible for this organization. This club focuses on community service through an annual food drive, works football concessions, and helps with market day providing a great opportunity to develop leadership skills and mature socially through various activities.  Every spring the students enter a statewide competition in their skill area. Students have the opportunity to become leaders at the local and state level to increase their leadership skills.  State officers and winners of the state contests may choose to continue to compete at the national level.  
Sponsors: Krysta Schoenbeck and Jared Winquist
Meeting Dates:  Teen Leaders will need to apply by the end of October and will begin meeting the beginning of November. Participants will need to apply by the middle of December and will attend the event in January.
Operation Snowball acts as a drug and alcohol prevention program for youth. The goal of Operation Snowball is to offer a variety of resources on healthy lifestyles, leadership and communication skills, and an opportunity to meet other people in their communities who share the ideals of a drug-free life. Operation Snowball is a weekend retreat/lock-in. During the weekend students will meet peers that are committed to an alcohol, tobacco and other drug free lifestyle. There are also speakers and presentations for people to listen to and interact with. Each student will be a member of a small group that will allow them to process the speakers and presentations as well as get to know their peers. And of course there are plenty of fun activities for everyone to get involved with!
Sole Steppers 
Sponsor:  TBA
Meeting Dates/Times:  Tryouts are held each September; practices are Monday-Wednesday; competitions occur December-March 
The Sole Steppers are a rhythmic dance group.  The Steppers combine hip hop, stomping, clapping, and other forms of rhythmic movement into choreographed routines.  We perform at competitions at other high schools, take trips to competitions at the state and national level, and perform in school pep assemblies.
Speech Team
Sponsors: Paul Lichy (head coach), Mark Begovich
Meeting Dates/Times: Tryouts in September; Practice varies September-March
The Speech Team gives students an opportunity to perform scenes from plays or movies, interpret literature, and write their own humorous or persuasive speeches.  The team competes against other high schools in at least ten individual events each year.  The team performs for family and friends in the WCCHS Auditorium at the end of January, and competes in the IHSA regional, sectional, and state tournaments.  Practice begins in September and the state tournament takes place in late February.
Student Council 
Sponsors:  Chris Lukas, Candace Fikis, Nick Kempski
Meeting Dates/Times:  Every Friday at 7:20 am, room 186 
The Student Council is composed of representatives from each class, in addition to the class officers, and the Executive Board. The Student Council plans activities for the student body, publicizes those activities and listens to concerns and suggestions from students. 

In past years, the Student Council has organized Homecoming, student competitions, spirit weeks and hosted the Prom.  Student Coucil has acquired needed equipment and art for the benefit of the entire school. The Student Council meets every Friday morning.  At thee meetings students may voice their opinions or concerns and offer suggestions for future events.  For regular updates, follow @WeGoStuCo on Twitter!

Tech Crew
Sponsor:  Chris Jensen
Meeting Dates/Times:  Most days, after school in the Auditorium 
Club members learn to work backstage on the events in the auditorium, including construction, painting, lighting, sound , props and publicity.  No experience needed—we will train members on posted ‘safety training days’. 
Video Game Club 
Sponsors: Vito Orona and Josh Piha
Meeting Dates/Times:  Thursdays after school in Room 226
Video Game Club brings students throughout the school to together to play, discuss, and research video games.  Game days are held on Thursdays in Commons and several tournaments occur throughout the school year.  Social gatherings and raffles for games and game systems also occur often. 
WeGo Buddies
Sponsors: Val Cook and Maggie Labuhn
Meeting Dates/Times: Monthly, 7:30 am in Room 159
WeGo Buddies is a club dedicated to forming one-to-one friendships by matching students with developmental or intellectual disabilities with other high school students. Various activities are held throughout the year to promote meaningful relationships. This is a perfect opportunity to have a fun and memorable high school experience while meeting new people.  Follow @wegobuddies on Twitter for regular updates!
WeGo Drama
Sponsor:  Mark Begovich
Meeting Dates/Times:  Tuesdays after school in Room 217 

WeGo Drama is one of the largest clubs at the school. The award winning group brings people together who love the performing arts and want to make a lot of great friends.  Wego Drama has students who act, sing, and dance; also, the club is full of students who enjoy building, creating special effects, sound, video, design, making costumes, and so much more. All students will find a family environment where they will learn a great deal and laugh even more! The Student Officers run most events and make most decisions for the season’s activities and numerous fun field trips.  

Wego Drama puts on approximately 10 productions per year.  Students who are involved in productions may be invited to join The International Thespian Honor Society - a world-wide honorary.

For all updates and a calendar of events, stop by Room 217, follow @wegotheatre on Twitter or check out

WeGo Global 
Sponsor:  Maggie Haas
Meeting Dates/Times:  Mondays at 3:10 in Room 183 
WeGo Global is a student run club open to all grade levels dedicated to helping other countries around the world tackle issues such as hunger, disease, shelter and education, just to name a few.  We go on field trips to places like Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, plan annual fundraisers such as Trick or Treat for Change and the Chicken Challenge, create projects to raise awareness of global issues, and most of all have fun doing it.  We plan on taking our mission to help others on the road in the summer of 2016 by working in a village in rural Costa Rica.  A small group of students can make a big difference!   
Yearbook (Challenge) 
Sponsors: Dave Jennings and Mitch McKenna 
Meeting Dates/Times:  Thursdays, 3:15-4:30 in Room 228
The Yearbook Club is responsible for the student yearbook, which is edited and published by the students.  
Marc Wolfe
Activity Director
(630) 876-6340 
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